The first section of the app is the Picks section. It has the Recent Drawings and the Probabilities. Recent Drawings is self explanatory but the Probabilities Needs a word.

You will see nine tickets, the numbers shown in each ticket are chosen using a probability equation. The three probabilities equations are the Binomial distribution, the Geometric distribution and a custom probability distribution that attempts to merge the two. The numbers shown are in order from the most probable for the system described in the label above the demonstrated ticket.

If you want to know more about Binomial distribution click here and for more info about Geometric probability distribution, click here. Note that the tickets shown are just suggestions and this is actually a way to show the most probable numbers using their respective systems. The Lone Programmer, LLC makes no warranties or claims that this will be the actual numbers picked or that The Lone Programmer, LLC can pick the right numbers. Use at your own risk and discretion