Filling in mobile software needs as they are found

Software is created to solve a problem or fill in a need. When The Lone Programmer thinks that a program has been created that fills a personal or local need but can be used by others, it is made available. Here you can find the newest mobile programs that are currently available.

We offer much more than custom mobile applications

Not only does the Lone Programmer create custom state of the art mobile applications for clients, but occasionally for the general public too. These programs arose from needs that were not meet by products on the market at the time and then offered because it is thought that the public could benefit. Currently all of the mobile applications that we have are ad based and free to download. If you have any comments; questions or recommendations, please let us know.

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NC Traffic Cam

The NC Traffic Cam ad supported iPhone app that is available for free. It gives it's users real time access to traffic cam feeds for nearly all traffic cams in North Carolina. It is easy, free and you can get it in the app store. Look for other OS' in the future.

Carb Protien Calculator

Originally intended to be used by bodybuilders, the Carb-Protein Calculator does one thing and does it well. It lets the user enter protein, carbs and fats in grams and returns to them the percent of each in the diet along with total calories. Available soon for free.

In Production

Both, the NC Traffic Cam app and the Carb Protein Calculator are currently being developed for the Android. Look for these apps in the near future. Because of the success of the NC Traffic Cam iPhone app, traffic cam apps for other states are in production planning.

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