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The server where the Powerball Assistant gets its information is currently experiencing problems. This is causing problems with the Powerball Assistant iPhone app. The problem is being addressed and will be fixed as soon as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this is causing.

How does this work?

Powerball Assistant is convenient and easy to use but some people will still have trouble knowing what is what. This page is designed to give a brief explanation of each section of the app. Check back again soon because more help files will be added and a YouTube video is also possible. The Lone Programmer reminds you to play responsibly and to help keep apps free by supporting the app advertisers or by using other services offered on this site.

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Recent Draws & Probabilities

The first section of the app is the Picks section. It has the Recent Drawings and the Probabilities. Recent Drawings is self explanatory but the Probabilities needs a word. You will see six tickets, the numbers shown in each ticket are chosen using a probability equation. The three probabilities equations are the Binomial distribution, the Geometric distribution and a custom probability distribution that read more...

Section Two, Frequencies!

The Frequencies section is designed to give two different types of information; one, how long it has been since a number has been picked and two, how often that a number is picked over a certain number of drawings. The first page in this section will show you how many drawings there have been since the last time that a number was picked and the numbers are color-coded based on read more...

Charts of Numbers

The charts section shows numbers drawn in graphical chart formats. Many people like to use charts to look for patterns. The numbers are broken into groups; 1 through 9, 10 through 19, 20 through 29, 30 through 39, 40 through 49 and 50 through 59 and the Powerball numbers. The first chart shows all numbers including the Powerball numbers but as you use the top navigation button, you will see the numbers read more...

What's Hot? What's Cold?

Many people believe that there are hot numbers that are picked frequently and cold numbers that are almost never picked. That is the premise that is used for the hot and cold section. A simple formula is used to determine whether a number is hot, cold or neutral over periods of time. The numbers are then presented in an easy to read chart format where the numbers are listed top to bottom read more...

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